"I'm in awe."


"Found a place to calm the soul.

Would love to live here."


"Beautiful fall colors - priceless!

Days like today keep me going."


"Returning to life in simplicity,

witnessing the Divine in all that one

sees and encounters. Truly humbling

and breathtaking."

...the ghost town that refuses to die.






One lane road up the mountain to Mogollon.Photo courtesy of Katie Morgan.The most frequently asked question about the paved road to Mogollon is, "...is there another way down?" The answer is "No." It's a twisted climb (up and down) of almost 3,000 feet from the valley floor to almost 7,000 feet on the paved, but narrow, one lane mountain road.


The road was built in the 1890's. It took a team of 24 horses to bring the machinery up the mountain in pieces and horse freight to Silver City took four days. Motorized freight did not replace the horse until about 1914. The largest load of freight to come up the mountain grade was the dynamo (generator) installed by the Fannie Mine when they converted from steam to electric power in 1916. The first automobile up the mountain grade was a Reo 2-speed transmission. It took four days to get from Silver City to Mogollon and the mail was carried within 23 hours each way.



Fall colors along the road to Mogollon courtesy of Katie Morgan.




We are a "gateway" for Gila Wilderness hiking. Numerous hiking trails with national forest heads are within easy access from Mogollon. You'll delight in the many species of wildflowers that cascade over our wilderness terrain each season. You'll observe a variety of wildlife in the area such as elk, deer, turkey, cougar, bear, and javelina.


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Mogollon is on the migration path for hummingbirds, so we witness the arrival of tens of thousands of them on their way from winter grounds in Mexico to summer sites farther north.







Our deep black skies serve as the perfect backdrop for a sky filled with stars. It's an overnight camping paradise as well as a photographer's dream!

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