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You may also view this database in

bound hard copy format (containing

grave site records, drawings and photographs) in person at the

Mogollon Cemetery Archives building next to The Purple Onion Café.




archives building



 Saturday, Mid-May through


*Main  Road Construction & Weather Permitting


Saturdays & Sundays

(and Monday Holidays)


10 am - 5 pm






"Thanks for keeping history alive. Looking for ancestor's graves was unforgettable."


"Brilliant place - great memories!"


"Amazingly beautiful...a step back in time."




(Weather & road conditions permitting)


Mogollon Cemetery >



Robert J. Wey, Beloved Friend & Historic Patron to Mogollon; its memories, livelihood and community. He will be missed, and forever remembered.

In Loving Memory of

Bob Wey

Sept 14, 1942 - May 20, 2016


The Mogollon Cemetery Archives Historical Database was compiled over five years (2003-2008). The grave site records, presented here, were created with great care and commitment by Mogollon Enterprises and Diane Papadakis.


Both PHASE I (Digital re-mastering of hard copy files from the 1994 United States Forest Service, USFS survey conducted by Rita B. Hecht) and PHASE II (Digital Photo Documentation and hand drawn representations of individual sites) have been completed.


PHASE III (Individual family histories) Public contributions to the database remain open and welcomed.


Sincere thanks also goes to Sharon Lineer of Phoenix, AZ who was instrumental in support and historical contributions.


We hope the efforts of everyone involved has brought forth a rich and long lasting experience herein that will be cherished long into the future.

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