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MUSEUM:  10 am - 5 pm


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"Hope this is still here for my great-grandchildren."


"The day wasn't long enough...we'll make sure to plan an entire weekend next time."


"So much to enjoy - so much to think back on. We'll carry these memories forever."

The museum's original curator

was Miss Ethlyn Whiteside who was born in Mogollon in 1912 and remained

the museum's curator

until her death in 1978.

She is laid to rest in the Mogollon Cemetery.

...the ghost town that refuses to die.

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2015 - Newly renovated Museum,after severe town flooding in 2013.The Mogollon Museum is housed in one of the oldest occupied buildings standing today in the town; it dates back to 1905 and was known as the Coates and Moore building, a general merchandise store.


You can still view the vintage 1880's safe that was built into the stone wall, along with the original showcases that hold many items that could be found in stores of the mining era — from 1876 when mineral deposits were found in Mineral Canyon to the north until 1942 when the Fannie Mine closed because of World War II. At that time, the adjacent buildings housed a bakery, a cafe, and a residence.




Mimbres effigy pot found near Alma in theSan Francisco river basin.The museum itself was founded by James S. Giles in 1950. The museum could be called "a collection of collections." There is a very large, outstanding collection of ancient local Mimbres Indian pottery and artifacts.



A large number of old photographs from the mining era are also on display. The item of most interest to our visitors is an old payroll ledger. The ledger is a list of the names of workers, their salaries, and deductions for health care as well as their purchases from the company store.

Authentic mining tunnel located at the back of

the Mogollon Museum.

Memorabilia on display inside the Mogollon Museum.

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Antique treasures on display inside the Mogollon Museum.

Although the Fannie Mine is gone, the museum has much of its memorabilia on display: antique light bulbs and large insulators that were in use in those days can be found, mining tools used can be found in the authentic tunnel at the back of the museum.

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