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Gamblin, Sylvester & Emma Williams Shellhorn


Kelley, Patrick Henry & Felicita Baca Fajardo


Shellhorn, Charles Alfred & Emma


Shellhorn, Willis Bartlett & Emma Mae Kelley



...the ghost town that refuses to die.



William Weatherby, ManagerLittle Fannie Mine. CourtesyThe Silver City Enterprise[Aug. 10, 1906]The town was founded in 1876 following gold and silver discoveries in neighboring Mineral Creek canyon by Sgt. James Cooney (from Ft. Bayard 75 miles south) while on an Army scouting mission. The largest mines were the Little Fannie, Deadwood, Deep Down, Eberle, and Emperial. Cooney was killed by Apaches under Victorio in 1880. Cooney's unusual tomb is hewn in to a huge boulder located where he died. It is nearby in Mineral Creek canyon.


Cooney's Tomb in nearby Mineral Creek canyon.


Mogollon became a ghost town in 1942 with the collapse of silver and gold prices during the war. The Cooney mining district was the richest in New Mexico and was one of the most prolific in financial terms in the United States. An estimated 18 million ounces of silver and $20 billion in gold (by today's standards) were mined in Mogollon and the surrounding areas between 1880-1942.

Little Fannie Mine shown with "A" Frame over

1,700 ft. shaft and tailings from previous mining.

(top) circa 1960's (bottom) Spring 2004

(bottom) Drawing of Victorio

(right) Photo of Geronimo

Both images courtesy of Museum of New Mexico,

Santa Fe, NM

The Mimbres, the Apache, and the Hispanic population have all left their unique marks on the people and the land. Victorio, a Warm Springs Apache warrior chief, and Geronimo, the great Chiracahua Warm Springs Apache warrior and shaman, are among the many well-known names that figured prominently in the history of the area.

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